Multifunctional SMS Service

8 October 2019

 Sending text messages is the same everyday routine as brushing teeth or having breakfast. Moreover, SMS accompany us the whole day around. Communication is an essential part of every sphere of our life. If you need to tell something urgently, congratulate someone or simply give a task, you use a bulk messaging solution. It works much efficiently than an e-mail or a phone call.

  One more advantage of SMS is the speed of delivery and simplicity of usage. Especially when it comes to Intistele. It is a smart system for sending bulk messages. The opportunities are almost infinite. Your mother is in Spain and you are in Sweden. You want to congratulate her on her birthday. No panic! Sign up, top up your balance and you are ready to send her as many texting messages as you wish. Besides, only you can decide how much money you are ready to put on the balance.

  Another situation. You have colleagues in France, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil. And you want to give them one task. No panic! This SMS texting service is multifunctional. You may have as many recipients as you wish and send the same message to everyone. Define the task and your colleagues will receive it.

SMS is a solution for each of your life cases. 



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